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Luminar Photography

Luminar Photography is ranked among the best Wedding Photographers in the region. Photography for us is not looking, it’s feeling, of touching, of loving. It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.

It is our deep love of family and friends which keeps our focus on capturing the emotion and character of our subjects. While we keeps a keen eye on the technical side of work, we will always choose a photograph that says something about the subject versus the one that is technically perfect but stiff and lifeless.

Luminar Photography covers Creative Wedding Photography, Timeless Wedding Films, Fashion Photography & Videography, Corporate and Commercial Films. From remotely produced projects with multiple photographers to large-scale productions with a long list of crew, our experienced team can coordinate any project involving photography or video.

Creating timeless moments with families that share their love and commitment together. Being able to seek authentic memories for families so that they can cherish every little detail that tells their story. Let’s connect and get started taking amazing photos. Don’t let these memories slip away

Booking a date with us is really simple – just give us a call, let us know your requirements and we will book the date for you.

Questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns about our Mission? Email us on : luminarphotos@gmail.com